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    • @dyna_chem_net (this is Jay’s official twitter account)
    • @Sara_Imari (Sara Walker’s official twitter account)
    • @AstrobiologyNAI (NASA Astrobiology account)
    • @NSF_MPS (NSF Math & Physical Sciences Directorate account; CHEM/CLP is in this Directorate)
    • @saganorg (for – grassroots astrobiology network; both JTG and Sara Walker are members)
    • @altchemoflife (Chemistries of Life; although this is now set up under my Emory email, still need to populate w/ images and brief description)
    • @OttoLab (Sijbren Otto’s research group at the University of Groningen)
    • @leecronin (Lee Cronin at the University of Glasgow)